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About Child Right Enforcement and Development Agency

Vision of a system and an institution that would impact and improve significantly the lives of all people in all generations. This derives from the deliberate focus on the well-being of the child who is the seed of humanity.

Our History
Founded in 1995 and formally registered in Nigeria in October 1997. CREDA has a strong commitment to purposeful cooperation and collaboration with families, local communities, NGOs, governments, intergovernmental, international agencies as well as private individuals and corporations, CREDA aims to build and shape the future for our children for healthy growth and development, greater productivity, social equity, peace and respect for human rights and freedoms.

Child Right Enforcement and Development Agency (CREDA)

Aims and Objectives
Assist in providing the child with adequate physiological needs of food, health care, shelter and clothing.

Protect his fundamental human rights

Ensure his free and equal economic opportunity and participation, i.e. freedom from exploitation and extortion and provision of gainful employment and productive enterprise.

Avail them the opportunity for social and cognitive development to the highest possible extent.

Inculcate in them proper civil culture and value system that devolves on the fear of God, love and respect for human rights.

Provide all the necessary facilities in the form of human and material structures that would facilitate the attainment of these goals.

Initiate, relate and liaise with relevant governmental and non-governmental agencies that would enhance the achievement of the purpose of the Agency; and;

Institutionalise a system that would continue to foster the mission of this agency even after the founding fathers have left it.

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